What Clients Say

Bridget Brennan has inspired and educated audiences all over the world, from stadiums to boardrooms to virtual events. Her rave reviews are legendary: take a look at what clients and attendees have to say.

Reviews for Bridget's Programs


“Way more than a rock star - she is the whole rock band. Bridget is an outstanding speaker, high energy and engaging throughout her presentation. Bridget's messages are appealing for a variety of audiences. And she is cross-cultural - her message resonated strongly among Mexican audiences from Company Presidents to Top CGS CMO's."


"We invited Bridget to our Western European Management Conference and she delivered a fantastic keynote speech about the fastest growing consumer segment – the female consumer. Her excellent insights into marketing and selling to women contributed to passionate discussions amongst the participants. Her positive attitude and great energy definitely helped to deliver a memorable presentation. Simply excellent."

Walmart U.S.

"Simply brilliant. Bridget's message is compelling and engaging, and full of important information. She leaves a lasting impression."

Nestlé S.A.

"I invited Bridget to one of my European Senior Leadership Team Meetings in order to raise awareness on “the most powerful consumer” and on “the female factor,” and she had a tremendous impact. Bridget intervened right after a session on gender balance, and her presentation had an amplifying effect. Both the content and the delivery were just outstanding, and a call to action."


"I recently read Bridget’s book “Why She Buys” and I enjoyed the message so much that I felt compelled to invite her to speak to my team and she did not disappoint. I was delighted to discover that Bridget speaks as powerfully and persuasively as she writes. Her vast knowledge of the female consumer gave my team valuable insights that we were able to apply to our business immediately."


"If you're looking for a corporate speaker who can raise your awareness, entertain, and capture the attention of a demanding, co-ed audience, then look no further than Bridget Brennan. She delivers the goods and leaves the audience in agreement with her message."

Agaja Reddy, National Football League

"Bridget spoke at our NFL Consumer Products Summit with employees, licensees and retailers present. She was able to entertain and enlighten the audience through her preparation and execution of a great session with Erin Andrews. She discussed forces currently facing the marketplace including Covid, the pace of technology and women’s economic power. She was able to apply her research trends into actionable steps for our partners. We received several compliments on the session and were thrilled with Bridget’s performance."

The PGA of America

"Bridget's presentation to the global golf industry at the 60th PGA Merchandise Show was a home run! She was able to connect in a unique way with our largely male audience, allowing them to better understand the power and trends within the women's demographic, gender differences and how to translate those into action at the golf facility level in order to gain more share of her wallet."


"Bridget spoke for us as the closing speaker at the Barron's Independent Women Conference - a challenging position for any speaker - and she hit a home run! She was energetic and engaging, while providing valuable content for our audience. She took the time to understand the demographic she was speaking to, and her work certainly resonated with our audience. Her commitment and passion for her work shine through in her sessions, and we would certainly recommend her."

The Beer Institute

"Bridget Brennan was definitely one of the highlights of the Beer Institute’s Annual Membership Meeting in Milwaukee. The audience for the meeting included senior-level executives from the largest brewers and beer importers in the country, and her presentation was one of the most well-received parts of our meeting. Bridget provided thought-provoking data and insights that are useful to any industry or company with a goal of more effectively selling to women. She does her homework and will impress even some of the most hard-to-please audiences."

Tommy Bahama

"Passionate. Engaging. Customized.
We hired Bridget to speak at our national senior leadership retreat. The relationship with Bridget from start to finish was professional, thoughtful, and truly enjoyable! She provided an amazing keynote presentation, incorporating our company goals, values, and mission. We will all be better business people because of what Bridget taught us. Her expertise is well worth the investment!"

Brokers International

"Bridget was an awesome and engaging keynote speaker. She is high energy and engages the audience throughout her presentation. You will not only leave her presentation motivated to improve your relationship-building skills, but ready for your business to thrive."

CRMC Retail Conference

"Bridget opened Day Two of our 700-person event, as our main keynoter. She was, hands down, the best-received presenter of the entire event. Her message was on target and delivered with her commanding yet friendly and humorous stage presence. Working with her and her team pre-event was also a pleasure. They made sure to reach out and schedule two conference calls, and contributed to our social media marketing efforts for our event. She would be a wonderful addition to just about any type of business gathering with her powerful message about women."

Nahdi Medical Company (The largest retailer in the Middle East)

"What an inspiring woman! Bridget delivered a keynote program and a workshop for our top leadership team during our annual conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She lit up the room with her engaging story and inspirational content (so much) that our leaders gave her a higher rating than our team activity on the world’s fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World! I can’t imagine a greater testament to Bridget’s ability to command attention and engage an audience. Her work was so instrumental we invited her back to the same conference a year later to continue it. Bridget provides world-class content with extreme care for details and customization, and is a true partner who takes her clients’ success as seriously as her own. Hiring her for our events was one of the best decisions we ever made."

OmniShopper Conference, KNECT 365

"We were so impressed with Bridget that we hired her to keynote our conference two years in a row (with different content each time). If you’re looking for a speaker who can provide valuable content and make your audience feel like they got their money’s worth, you’ve found her.
Bridget’s content was not only interesting, engaging and fun, it was completely tailored to our audience. Audiences respond to Bridget because she gives them insightful and practical advice they can take to their jobs the next day. Bridget was a delight to work with and I will definitely hire her again for future conferences."

Network of Executive Women

"Bridget is the kind of speaker that you dream of hiring when you plan an event. She educates audiences about an important topic - women - in the most engaging and entertaining way imaginable. I have worked with Bridget on two different events and each time she has left her audiences buzzing and asking for more."

Art Van Furniture, Inc.

"I have had the tremendous opportunity to work with many top speakers, but no one has ever made the investment of time and effort to research her audience as Bridget Brennan did when preparing for our conference. She is a true 1%’er. Not only was she fabulously relevant, but her message stuck. It is exciting to get copies of sales transactions with a message attached that reads, 'I have to thank Bridget for this one.'"

Food Vision Summit, Cannes

“Bridget was an immediate and much talked about hit at our inaugural Food Vision Summit. Authoritative, engaging and supremely well informed, she held her audience in the palm of her hand from her opening words to her closing comments. She certainly knows a lot about marketing to women – and just as much about speaking to men. Our 80% male audience was challenged, enlightened, even a little provoked; but never threatened or brow beaten! She was also generous with her time and knowledge throughout the Summit, engaging helpfully and enthusiastically with delegates from around the world.”

Thirty-One Gifts

"Bridget and her team are on fire and incredible to work with! Not only did Bridget give an informational and energetic presentation to our Conference of over 18,000 women, but she tailored it specifically to our company, getting to know our field and our language. Her message resonated with our audience and left them inspired and filled with ideas to grow their businesses. Bridget is a must have speaker for any type of business!"

SEMA | Specialty Equipment Market Association

"Bridget earned one of the highest ratings possible for her keynote speech at SEMA 2015. She was able to inspire, inform and engage attendees from across the automotive industry. Attendees praised her presentation as, "eye opening," "relevant" and full of "examples that will help my business."

Illinois Office of Tourism

"Bridget is a high-energy, high-content speaker who easily engages her audience, because she takes the time to truly understand the room. She does her research about who she is talking to and seamlessly integrates the needs of the audience into her remarks. Put simply: Bridget brings it."

Furniture Today Magazine

"Bridget hit a home run for us as the keynote speaker for our conference. She earned the highest score we've ever had for a speaker, and most importantly, she brought a fresh, new voice to our industry. Her talk was compelling, insightful and entertaining. She opened our industry's eyes to the importance of focusing on female consumers."

International Cemetary, Cremation & Funeral Association

“Bridget and her team were a delight to work with. They were professional, efficient and very thoughtful throughout the whole process. They were meticulous in assuring that they were covering all areas that we wanted explored. Bridget was the highest-rated speaker at our conference (even beating out Jeffrey Gitomer!) and for good reason. She delivers outstanding results in a lively fashion. Bridget presented vital information to our members that both educated and explained how and why they need to alter their business model to attract more women to their business. A first-class experience!”

Gerent Corporativo De Mercadeo, Organización Publicitaria, S.A., Honduras

"Bridget is by far one of the most engaging and interesting speakers I have had an opportunity to work with. She knows how to captivate an audience and get a clear and consistent message across using wit, real life examples and lots of charisma. Our audience appreciated the effort into making her message and insights adaptable and usable for day to day business. Finally I would like to mention the pleasure it was to work with Bridget and the Female Factor staff as they made reaching project milestones and deliverables a very positive experience."

Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

“Bridget Brennan is the smartest, freshest and most entertaining presenter I've seen in a long time. She gives her audience the gift of seeing women in a completely new way. If you can hire Bridget, do it.”


"Having Bridget speak at our event was a smart move. The content was right on target for our audience and Bridget's speaking style was engaging, thought provoking and fun. She truly energized the crowd and had everyone talking about "Why She Buys" for hours after the session. I would highly recommend Bridget for any speaking engagement."

French Trade Commission-Ubifrance

“Bridget Brennan is a captivating speaker! She participated in a seminar-discussion organized by the French Trade Commission-Ubifrance in New York and the audience hung on to her every word. She presents a subject matter which is thoroughly interesting and engages the audience with her gestures, inflections, anecdotes and facts!"

Hearth & Home Technologies

"Bridget Brennan was the highlight of our annual Summer Summit. I have never worked with a speaker who invested more time in learning about our business. Months ahead of the event, Bridget visited our retail partners’ stores; brainstormed with our management team; and interviewed key customers and executives. The result of her thorough preparation was rave reviews from our attendees, who gave her the highest score possible and nearly a year later are quoting her words and applying her insights. If you can hire Bridget, don’t hesitate. Your audience – and your business — will thank you."

Marketing to Women Conference/PME Enterprises

"Bridget is a gifted and compelling speaker who is one of the top experts on women consumers in the world today. She uses real life examples to explain key points and always succeeds in turning the audience into happy, grateful learners.”

Club Industry Show, Penton Media

“Bridget Brennan was one of the best investments I’ve ever made as a conference manager. She didn’t just talk generally about marketing to women. but gave specific, actionable advice to our attendees on steps they could take immediately to do a better job. I couldn't be happier!"

Natural Products Expo West

"Bridget kept our attendees rapt for the duration of her keynote by getting to the heart of marketing to women. Her entertaining and informative observations helped many in our industry quickly identify what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Her research applies to any industry, but she diligently researched natural products brands prior to her appearance and made things “click” for our audience. I’ll recommend Bridget for any audience looking to get it right from the digital shelf to the store shelf!"

Editorial Altamirano Madriz / El Salvador

“Bridget Brennan's sold-out event in El Salvador was a huge success! Her message is compelling, direct, clear and is transmitted with humor and real examples. Bridget is an excellent international speaker and we wouldn’t think twice about having her again!"

Nestlé USA

“Bridget Brennan did an outstanding job as the Moderator at our recent Southern California Network of Executive Women's event. She thoroughly engaged the 350 attendees with her quick wit and enthusiastic energy. The audience and the Panelists were thrilled with the evening's results. She was also a joy to work with, and I would highly recommend her for any Moderator or Keynote Speaker engagement."

Foundation Partners Group

"Bridget's presentation to our company leaders was out of this world! Since 70% of our customer base happens to be female, she was able to connect the dots and provide insights to our leaders on how best to reach our female customers. Her ability to communicate in a very straightforward and understandable way insured that her message was easily understood by all. Great job!”

Bricks & Mobile Conference

"Bridget Brennan is an incredible speaker and thought leader. Her candid, thoughtful, and intelligent perspective illustrates the power of the woman in the retail world. Whether in store or via mobile, Bridget shared the critical nature of communicating with your female consumer now, as she will grow your business for years to come."

Statewide Remodeling

"We have had yearly kick-off meetings for 20 years, and I have never seen our sales team as engaged in a meeting as they were with Bridget’s presentation. Many of them came to me after the meeting to thank us for bringing in a fresh point of view on in-home selling, and I know they took something away that will help them in the house. Apparently some of them put it to use, because we have had record January and February sales months!"

Flourish Gift Card Conference

"Bridget was the perfect speaker to kick-off our conference. She went above and beyond to tailor her presentation to our audience. She was able to connect and engage with examples they could immediately relate to and it was incredibly insightful."

The Magnificent Mile Association

"Bridget Brennan is the best. If you need a speaker you can't do any better!"

Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

“I invited Bridget Brennan to be our Keynote presenter because I had been so impressed by reading Why She Buys. Bridget’s knowledge and insights were an epiphany to our audience. She delivered a high energy, very informative lesson on communication with the female consumer. She truly captivated her audience, and her tailored remarks to our particular needs exceeded my expectations. Her book has become required reading for my practice.”

ShopperTrak/Johnson Controls

"I work with influential speakers constantly. Here’s what makes Bridget different: she is a gifted speaker who also goes the extra mile to be a true partner to her clients. I hired Bridget to speak at a conference of global retail leaders, and she went above and beyond to work with our team in preparation for the event. She spent time with our executives on prep calls, she tailored her presentation to our audience, she met our attendees at dinner activities and engaged with them throughout the conference, to the point where she was able to acknowledge them by name from the stage. They truly appreciated her personal attention and valuable content, and gave her rave reviews, with some people saying they could have listened to her all day! Hiring Bridget was one of the best decisions we made."

Neil Kelly Company

"As a nationally recognized design-build remodeling firm, Neil Kelly has built its reputation by delivering exceptional results for our clients. Bridget Brennan and the Female Factor team provided valuable training that allowed our teams to take their client service skills to the next level. The techniques they taught were both inspiring and highly practical and we were able to implement them immediately. I highly recommend Bridget Brennan and Female Factor as a training partner to any organization.” - Randy Hudson, Vice President

Latham Pool Products, Inc.

"Bridget is a very dynamic speaker. We engaged her to present her work to over 300 of our top customers at conference we sponsor. She hit a “home run” with those customers. The feedback we received was fantastic and helped make our event very successful. Female Factor has been a great partner for us, and I would not hesitate to engage them again."

The Ryland Group and Ryland Homes

"Any company that depends on women customers should talk to Bridget."

Bridget has inspired audiences all over the world.

Partial List
  • PepsiCo
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Lexus
  • Toyota National Dealer Meeting
  • Adidas
  • UBS
  • Unilever
  • Nestlé
  • Barrons
  • Allstate
  • Bloomberg
  • Accenture
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • SC Johnson
  • Ashley Furniture
  • PGA of America
  • Lego
  • Gap, Inc.
  • Google
  • ConAgra Foods, Inc.
  • The Beer Institute
  • Diageo
  • Deloitte
  • Novartis
  • National Football League
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Goodyear
  • Brokers International
  • World Financial Group
  • India Today
  • True Value Company
  • Nuveen
  • BP
  • JLL
  • Trek Bicycles
  • Sleep Number
  • Nahdi Medical Company
  • Cub Foods
  • Western Association of Food Chains
  • Golf Merchandisers Association
  • National Hardware Association
  • Furniture Today Bedding Conference
  • Disney
  • Giant Bicycle Corp.
  • Rakuten
  • eBay
  • Furniture Today Conference
  • Oakley Performance Eyewear
  • Sunglass Hut
  • America Outdoors Association
  • Bricks & Mobile Retailing Conference
  • Professional Convention Management Association
  • Europe Consumer Goods & Retail Conference
  • Women’s Foodservice Forum
  • OmniShopper Conference
  • CRMC Retail Conference
  • National Bike Dealers Conference
  • Chicago Ideas Week
  • InterBike Conference
  • Illinois Governor’s Conference on Tourism
  • Independent Bicycle Dealers Summit
  • New Jersey Funeral Directors Association
  • Art Van Furniture
  • Latham Pools
  • Global Consumer Goods Forum
  • ShopperMarketing Conference
  • CRMC Retail Conference
  • ShopperTrak Retail Conference
  • Ubifrance French Trade Commission
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Southeastern Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Thirty One Gifts
  • Gift & Home Trade Association
  • Texas Women’s Summit
  • Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Arkansas Sam Walton School of Business
  • Retail Design Institute
  • Point of Purchase Industry Association
  • Natural Products Expo West
  • Therapedic Furniture Conference
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • AirMiles Loyalty Association
  • Banana Republic
  • WE-TV Network
  • Network of Executive Women
  • Marketing to Women Conference
  • Marketing to Moms Conference
  • National Bedding Conference
  • Everest Funeral Concierge
  • International Cemetary, Cremation & Funeral Association
  • SEMA: Specialty Automotive Equipment Association
  • Chicago Auto Show
  • The Magnificent Mile Association
  • Cal-Atlantic Homes (formerly Ryland Homes)
  • Club Industry Show
  • Hearth & Home Technologies
  • DalTile
  • Young Presidents Organization
  • Sales & Marketing Executives Association of Puerto Rico
  • City & Regional Magazine Association
  • Texas Association of Broadcasters
  • TCC Global Loyalty International Marketing Forum
  • AmericasMart Apparel Show
  • United Stationers/Essendent
  • Sears/K-Mart
  • & more!

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