"Way more than a rock star - she is the whole rock band.”

- Accenture

"She delivers the goods."

- PepsiCo

"Her vast knowledge gave us valuable insights we were able to apply to our business immediately."

- Unilever

"Simply brilliant. Bridget's message is compelling and engaging, and full of important information. She leaves a lasting impression."

- Walmart

"She hit a home run!"

- Barron's

Bridget Brennan is the Leading Authority on the World’s Most Powerful Consumers: Women


Let the CEO of Female Factor and author of Winning Her Business and Why She Buys inspire your team with her inclusive approach to marketing, sales, customer experiences and consumer trends.

News: Bridget Named a Top Keynote Speaker for 2020!

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Book Bridget to Speak at Your Virtual Event

Bridget will help you better understand the needs of this crucial customer base during the time of COVID-19. Her personality jumps off the screen and will engage your team at a time when we’re all in need of fresh insights and inspiration to serve our customers in the most meaningful ways.

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As the world’s top speaker on marketing to women, Bridget Brennan will inspire your audience with insights and best practices for better engaging women as customers, clients and decision makers.

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The biggest brands and businesses turn to Female Factor, the consulting firm founded by Bridget Brennan, to increase, sales, customer engagement and marketing effectiveness.

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Labs & Workshops

Interactive programs that are educational, insightful and engaging.  Bridget will help your team with new tools and techniques for staying ahead.

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Bridget Brennan in Action

Speaker Reel

Across the globe and in every corner of the world, Bridget’s programs are legendary

Live & Virtual
Keynote Programs

Topics: Marketing to Women, Sales Strategies, Customer Experience Design, Women’s Consumer Trends, Retail Strategies, Women’s Economic Power, Inclusive Customer Experiences

From myth-busting strategies to up-to-the-minute trends, Bridget “brings it” and connects with audiences in a way that leaves them entertained, enlightened, and eager to put their new knowledge into practice.

New Virtual Event Keynote Programs
  • Winning Her Business: How to Deliver Meaningful Customer Experiences in the Age of COVID-19
  • Why She Buys: 5 Ways to Shift Your Mindset from Selling to Helping
  • Navigating without a Rulebook: Marketing in a COVID-19 World
  • The Female Factor: How the Pandemic has Impacted Women in Society and the Economy, and What It Means to Your Business

Groundbreaking Author and Writer

An instant classic and international bestseller, Bridget Brennan’s acclaimed book, Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Consumers (Crown Business), was called "essential reading” by The Wall Street Journal and “required reading for anyone burdened with a Y chromosome” by Fortune Small Business.  Her newest book, Winning Her Business: How to Transform the Customer Experience for the World’s Most Powerful Consumers (HarperCollins Leadership) was nominated for 2019 Business Book of the Year by Porchlight, and named a “2019 Best New Customer Experience Book” by Book Authority. Bridget is also a longtime contributor for Forbes.com on the topic of marketing to women.

Bridget’s Approach

Bridget brings women’s perspectives to businesses around the world. How can she help your business grow with the world’s most powerful consumers?

Photo credit: LILA Photo
Photo credit: LILA Photo

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