I’ll never forget interviewing a woman about her favorite brands when I researched my first book. She had just bought her third consecutive , and when I asked her why she liked it so much, she laughed out loud and said, “Do you have half an hour?” I settled in for a good story, and within two minutes I realized that her devotion to the brand wasn’t just about the car; it was about her relationship with the local Lexus dealership. She loved the customer service she got there, from the sales associate who sold her all three cars to the technicians who serviced them. I’ve learned from years of consumer research at my firm that it’s how you make customers feel that inspires them to buy from you again and again. Several years have passed – and a global pandemic has occurred – since the time of that interview, so I reached out to Lexus to learn how the brand is adapting its famous, “high touch” service for online car shoppers and buyers. What Lexus is doing provides great insights for any consumer-facing business.

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