While the rest of us have been busy aging, it turns out Millennials have, too.
Take a look at that young mother pushing her stroller into Starbucks. I know you’ve seen her. Chances are she’s a Millennial, a member of the generation born between 1980 and 2000. (Exact definitions vary, but the term Millennial typically refers to the generation that has grown up with technology.) Millennial women are already the newest generation of mothers, with the eldest women in this age group now 33 years old. The early 30’s are also an age when many women hit their professional stride. This combination of factors means Millennial women are a prime target audience for everything from cars to furniture to financial services. So what’s the best way to reach them? Based on our research at Female Factor, here are three strategies for marketing to this influential group:
Inspire her: This generation believes it can change the world and in many ways it already has. (Exhibit A: Facebook.) When it comes to social issues, Millennials are, generally speaking, tolerant, optimistic and looking to be inspired. They’re thinking big. Are you? How can you align your product or brand with a bigger idea? For a great example of a brand that’s done it, go out to a busy street and try to count how many Millennial women walk past you in a pair of TOMS shoes.
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