People will tell you they don’t like to be “sold,” but the truth is, we love to buy from people who inspire us with passion and knowledge about what they’re selling. We enjoy the feeling of learning something new, especially when we believe it will improve our life in some small way. This happened to me just the other night, when I got a product demonstration at Sephora. The associate I worked with was so enthusiastic about getting just the right products for me, I couldn’t help but smile every time she ran across the store to grab something that she thought might be perfect. She explained the qualities (and differences) of each product as she applied them, and I was mesmerized: she was working hard to earn my business, and I appreciated it. I left the store with a bag full of new products and free samples, and felt eager to repeat the experience. I told all my colleagues about it, and now I’m telling you.

Unfortunately, when I talk to women about their buying experiences in my research at Female Factor, this is not the kind of story I typically hear. There are often long silences when I ask women to tell me about a great customer experience they’ve had recently. In this second installment of my series on selling “sins,” we’re covering sin #2: uninspiring service.Lackluster service is everywhere, which means that delivering an inspiring experience can be a major competitive advantage when it comes to increasing sales, referrals and repeat business. How much money are you leaving on the table by delivering a customer experience that is merely adequate?

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