2014 was a watershed year in marketing to women. We witnessed female-empowerment advertising campaigns from brands like Pantene (Not Sorry),Under Armour (I Will What I Want) and Always(Like a Girl); we saw a sweeping effort to update women’s images in stock photography with the Lean In Getty Images Collection; and we witnessed a GoldieBlox Super Bowl commercial. Not bad, 2014, not bad.
It’s exciting stuff. And yet the conversation, hard work, and opportunity have just begun. I predict 2015 will be the year that marketers move beyond signaling to women, “We know you’re important, empowered and strong,” to a broader, holistic approach to women consumers that impacts every aspect of the business.
We’ve seen a major movement toward this more holistic approach in our work at Female Factor. Holistic means going beyond advertising campaigns and examining the entire business through a female lens. In the coming year, we will see best-in-class organizations embark on the following types of initiatives:
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