No matter how much research a woman has conducted online, or how many times she’s seen an ad, the critical purchasing moment often comes down to that “last three feet of the sale.” This is when she’s standing on the sales floor, talking directly to a salesperson, hands on hips, deciding whether to buy. At this juncture, all bets are off. It’s here, in this moment, that mistakes are frequently made and sales are lost – often because women have different expectations of the sales process than men do.
Whatever you’re selling, the gender of the person you’re selling it to can make a difference in how your pitch is received. Most sales coaches and training programs overlook the simple question of whether the buyer is a man or a woman. Gender is central to a person’s identity and life experience, and it impacts perceptions of everything from body language to vocabulary use. Sales is simply a form of communication, after all, and communication is where men’s and women’s styles can differ most.
In our sales training programs at Female Factor, we work with companies on how to optimize the customer experience for women buyers. Here are some key insights to keep in mind, from my book, Why She Buys.

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