What is that delicious smell? I thought to myself, as I strode into a local Anthropologie store. The scent was a little bit floral, a little bit woody, and it seemed to be saying to me, stay awhile, what’s your hurry? We have so much here for you to enjoy. So I luxuriated in the store’s signature mash-up of textures and colors, pondering items like silky smooth fabrics positioned next to birch logs and ceramics, for longer than was strictly appropriate on a school day.
At their most basic, stores are four walls, a floor and a ceiling. Yet in the right hands, stores become worlds unto themselves, delivering experiences that we’re eager to participate in, again and again. Tapping into our senses is a powerful driver of emotional engagement, and brick-and-mortar businesses are in a unique position to tap into all five. This is a major competitive advantage, considering there are only two senses that can be engaged in e-commerce: sight and sound. And yet, traditional retailers often under-leverage this opportunity. If I asked you to recall the last time your senses were highly engaged in a store, you’d probably have to think. Hard
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