Oh, if kitchen tables could talk. They look so innocent, but of all the sales terrains that can present challenges for sales professionals, few are more laden with potential landmines than calling on a prospect in their home.

On the surface, a kitchen table seems like the most cozy and comfortable place in the world to have a sales conversation. But in reality, it means you’re selling on a client’s hallowed ground, and that significantly changes the dynamics for sales professionals.Respectful codes of conduct are more important here than just about anywhere else.

At Female Factor, we routinely conduct research on the in-home sales process – across a variety of industries – and we’ve heard all kinds of stories from sales professionals. From navigating laptop cords in the living room to sneezing when a cat starts purring under the table, to waiting patiently when hungry kids wander into the kitchen or a neighbor stops by to return (and discuss) Game of Thrones, there is no end to the possibilities for interruptions and awkward moments.

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