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Bridget has been a contributing writer for Forbes on the subject of marketing to women since 2012. Read her latest columns below or see her work on

'Can I Help You?' Three Ways The Japanese Do Customer Service Better

April 23, 2012

When the young sales associate walked me out to the sidewalk to bow and thank me for coming into the store, I knew I wasn’t in Chicago anymore.After all, I hadn’t even bought anything.I just got back from my first visit to Japan to observe the country’s retail environment. I…

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Why Kids And Parents Now Aspire To The Same Brands

March 12, 2012

I had just chosen my nail color when it happened. Please take a seat, said the manicurist, as she motioned to the small chair. It was rush hour at the salon, around 5:30 on a Thursday. As is my custom, I gave a head nod and brief eye contact to…

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