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How the Mobile Gaming Industry is Winning Women Players

August 20, 2015

The last time you waited for a drink at Starbucks, what did you do to pass those under-caffeinated two minutes before your name was called?If you played a quick round of Words with Friends or Candy Crush Saga, you’re not alone.155 million Americans play video games, or just about half…

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Convenience Can Be Emotional: Lessons from Walgreens CMO Sona Chawla

April 7, 2015

Like many women, I’ve logged countless hours at my neighborhood Walgreens. I’ll walk in for something small, like ChapStick, and inevitably check out with a full basket. I’ve always admired the company’s ability to sell so many disparate items — from Sudafed to shampoo to sushi — in one manageable…

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Principles of Delivering A Great Sales Experience to Women Buyers

January 31, 2015

No matter how much research a woman has conducted online, or how many times she’s seen an ad, the critical purchasing moment often comes down to that “last three feet of the sale.” This is when she’s standing on the sales floor, talking directly to a salesperson, hands on hips,…

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Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Women Consumers

January 21, 2015

One of the world’s greatest emerging markets is closer than you think. Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, and their impact on the economy is growing every year. The global incomes of women are predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018, according to global professional services firm…

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Marketing to Women: Trends to Watch

December 30, 2014

2014 was a watershed year in marketing to women. We witnessed female-empowerment advertising campaigns from brands like Pantene (Not Sorry),Under Armour (I Will What I Want) and Always(Like a Girl); we saw a sweeping effort to update women’s images in stock photography with the Lean In Getty Images Collection; and…

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The Retailer Redefining Personal Service in Ecommerce

December 4, 2014

Did your personal stylist select the outfit you’re wearing today? Me neither. Mainly because I don’t have one. That might change, however, thanks to a retailer that’s opened up a market – personal fashion styling — once exclusively associated with socialites and celebrities. (How many women have opened a tabloid…

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From Farm to Label: The Wellness Trend in Marketing Goes Far Beyond Food

November 12, 2014

“Is it good for me or bad for me?” That’s the kind of question that used to be reserved for buying products in categories like food and pharmaceuticals. Not anymore. Wellness has gone mainstream. It’s emerged as a key component of consumer decision-making, whether we’re talking about a can of…

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We're All Millennials Now

October 16, 2014

I can’t help but chuckle when I hear people complain about Millennials. I’m sure you hear the same things I do: “They’re addicted to technology.” “They’re always texting.” “They’re constantly on social media.” Are you thinking what I’m thinking? We’re all Millennials now. Whether or not you fall into the…

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How Brick and Mortar Retail Can Play To Its Strengths

October 3, 2014

“How can we compete against e-commerce?” That’s the question I hear most often from traditional retailers. As a frequent speaker on the subject of marketing and selling to women, the subject comes up in most of the conferences I attend. And while there are many strategies in play, I often…

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Three Essential Stats for Marketing to Women

September 17, 2014

Quick, when was the last time you visited the website for the U.S. Census Bureau? How about the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics site? Bonus points if you’ve stamped your passport (euphemistically speaking) over at the United Nations website recently. These and other government, civic and not-for-profit organizations provide an…

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